Policies & Programs


Duty to Accommodate Guidelines

Western’s Duty to Accommodate Guidelines affirm the University’s commitment to eliminate disadvantage to employees, prospective employees or clients resulting from a rule, practice, or physical barrier that has or may have an adverse impact on individuals or groups protected under the Ontario Human Rights Code, or identified as a designated group under the Employment Equity Act (including persons with disabilities, women, visible minorities, and Aboriginal persons).

For additional information on the duty to accommodate visit the website of Equity & Human Rights Services.

Discrimination and Harassment Policies

Equity & Human Rights Services (EHRS) administers the University’s policies on discrimination and harassment. Western is committed to providing and maintaining an environment free of discrimination and harassment. Every member of the University community has the right to study, work and conduct his or her activities in an environment free from discrimination and harassment.

Employment Equity Policies

Equity & Human Rights Services (EHRS) administers the University’s policies on employment equity. The University strives to create and maintain an equitable employment system on the exclusive basis of merit, regardless of race, gender or disabilities.


Transitional Accommodation Program

The Transitional Accommodation Program, facilitated by Western Employee Well-being, supports employees experiencing occupational and non-occupational illness and injury, and assists these employees to remain at work or to return to work in a timely manner.

Ergonomics Program

The Ergonomics Program at Western was developed to assist staff and faculty to work safely, efficiently and optimize their comfort. This value-added program is provided by Human Resources and managed by Employee Well-being. Practical ergonomics information is provided on the website including tips, general exercises and step-by-step assistance with office workstation set-up.

Accessibility Resources for Western

Resources specified below in the Accessibility Resources for Western document are intended to supplement those listed in the Accessible Service and Accessibility in Teaching documents. It covers Accessible Transportation, Adaptive Equipment, Attendant Care, Braille, FM System Head Sets and Sign Language Interpreters.